• Solar Street Lights

    Solar Lighting Systems

    Our Solar Lighting Systems are Ideal for remote locations where power is not easily accessible!

  • 9 Panel Solar Tracker

    9 Panel Solar Tracker

    Capable of carrying up to 3000Kw of Panels, the 9 Panel and 6 Panel Trackers are Ideal for the serious Off-Grid enthusiast or makes a small, portable Net-Metering System!

  • Small System

    Cottage System Kits

    Big or Small, we make them all! Check out our System Kits, from small to big, to system upgrades, we've got everything you need, bundled for a great price!

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    CAD$550.00 In Stock

    Rolls has a reputation for building "There’s a lot of life in one battery". They have earned that based on reliability, durability and easy maintenance. Rolls S-550 batteries are supported by an industry leading 3 year warranty. The Rolls line of batteries are made at Surrette's plant in Canada, and Surrette is the preferred brand in solar applications....

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    CAD$545.00 In Stock

    Rolls offers the longest lasting, highest quality battery on the market. We've personally compared multiple installations of these batteries to competitors and they will out last, in both life expectancy and power output any battery on the market! The 2V 1450AH is ideal for the larger cottage or year round living systems!

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    CAD$1,292.00 In Stock

    The Midnight Classic 150V Mppt Charge Controller is ideal for the customer wanting to install up to 9 Solar panels (300 watts/ea) on a 24 Volt Solar System onto one charge controller. This can lead to savings on the overall system. Weather you're looking to add panels later or are doing a new install, this Charge Controller is Ideal for most large solar...

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    CAD$330.00 In Stock

    The Iota Charge Controllers are the ideal to customers with a small inverter that does not have a charging feature.  Simply plug this into your generator and VOILA! You can power your batteries any time you run out!    The Iota Charge controller also features the ability to do battery maintenance! This is necessary for any off-grid enthusiast who doesn't...

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    CAD$2,934.00 In Stock

    4000W 24VDC Pure Sine Inverter Charger MS Series

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    CAD$613.00 In Stock

    The Kid, a 30A Charge Controller, is made for small to medium sized renewable energy systems. It's ideal for cabins, boats, RVs and other similar applications. It utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to optimize output from your solar array.

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    CAD$375.00 In Stock

    Our 300 Watt Monocrystaline Canadian Solar Panel with black frame is among the most powerful 60 Cell Solar Panels on the market today, meaning you can fit more power in less space, the 300 watt black frame is perfectly suited for the customer wanted a luxurious, discrete solar panel for their application, and fit more power in a smaller space!

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